Awesome Tech Conference + Tablet = Great Reason to Register

Doug Hennig and Rick Schummer just posted about Southwest Fox's new registration incentive. Pre-register before July 1st, and you may win a Samsung Galaxy, iPad or Kindle Fire - something to suit your needs whether you be an Android, iOS or just an avid reader.

With pre-registration, you also get a pre/post con and a chance for $150 scholarship or Stonefield Query . Last year, there weren't a lot of pre-July 1 registrations so the chances of winning are HUGE!!!

As an aside, one of the sponsors of SW Fox is Lianja and I recently had an opportunity to talk with its founder and will be sharing that interview on the FoxShow later this week.


Rolf Otto said…
Hi Andrew,
any idea when the interview with the founder of lianja will be available?

Andrew MacNeill said…
Yes - it will be up next week.
Rolf Otto said…
That's great. Thanks!

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