When asked about the state of Visual FoxPro, I often point developers to the VFPX site on CodePlex. After all, that's where the majority of VFP source code is and where many members of the VFP community place the most of funkalicious work they do (Jim Nelson continues to amaze with his PEM Editor, which should likely be renamed IDE/X, because he's now covering far more than just Projects, Events and Methods.)

But there are OTHER places to find great VFP Code.

Foxite continues to get posts with very cool samples and there are other codeplex sites as well.

But recently, I was looking for ways to work with VFP Data in .Net and came across:


Yep! Tom Brothers has built an iQueryable toolkit for FoxPro. Started in 2009, the latest version was updated on January 9th, 2011. 


Olivier said…
There are Strataframe Framework, who is create by vfp developer.

You can test here

there are so EntityFramework 4 from Ms, it's work well, but Strata is more like vfp with more easy.

Tom Brothers said…
I released an alpha version of a VFP Entity Framework Provider ( since this post.

- Tom Brothers
Great information about linq to vfp. Thanks for sharing.

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