What You Should be Doing Next Week:: Blogging Southwest Fox 2009

I was going to title this "What are you doing next week" but unfortunately, I can't make SW Fox this year.

But the session list totally rocks. From basic VFP topics to how to use VFP with SourceGear's Vault and Subversion and a cool keynote from Sara Ford, I'm really going to miss the learning and networking opportunities.

So here's hoping those lucky attendees will share the love and live-blog some of the great sessions, or better yet, U-Stream them.

Here's hoping....
Doug Hennig: Southwest Fox 2009 is Next Week!

Update: Eric Selje - Salty Dog Solutions - will be blogging here


Eric said…
I'll do my best. Keep an eye on SaltyDogLLC.com
Anonymous said…
Do I need to "log in" to see this live stream from SWF 2009?

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