Dynamic Languages Strike Back

Garrett pointed over to this post Stevey's Blog Rants: Dynamic Languages Strike Back
which is really a transcript of a speech Steve Yegge gave at Stanford.

Very interesting read/video whichever you prefer.

When reading about half way through (I've marked to come back to but it's definitely a good read) , I immediately thought of the TIOBE index and how excited VFP developers (including myself) got when we had broken the top 20 - why?

because of this quote

"So that brings us full circle back to the point of this topic, which is: the languages we have today, sorted by popularity at this instant, are probably going to stay about that popular for the next ten years."

(and yes, technically while VFP is still at 20), there really isn't much change between the top 5 or 10 on the TIOBE index.

Which is simply a fun way of saying "people stick with what they know".


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