Cool Tool for Conferences

This should be updated for FoxForward as well but Dave Aring's great KokoPelli tool will certainly make scheduling conference sessions very easy.

Since it's in a DBC , it should be relatively easy to update for any conferences.

Great tool!

Shedding Some Light: Southwest Fox: K.O.K.O.P.E.L.L.I.

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Anonymous said…
Thank you for recognizing the time-saving tool that KOKOPELLI is (AND blogging about it). Just to correct some impressions...

While it is data-driven, (about 85%) due to time constrictions, there is some hard coding involved. Additionally, almost every conference has a different X and Y component with regard to the number of time slots per day and the number of sessions per time slot. i.e EACH conference is a unique set of circumstances. To ME, the hardest part of the application is setting up the actual physical arrangement of time slots and sessions per time slot. After that, everything pretty much handles itself.

Lastly, graphics and color schemes are usually a special set of requests. AND... the MOST DIFFICULT thing is coming up with an appropriately cool mnemonic name for the application. My imagination was really stretched to have KOKOPELLI actually stand for something.

Anyway, I am thrilled that you like the application and thanks for the kind words.


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