VFP on rails?

Now this sounds super interesting and something I've been actively interested in seeing for a while.

Anyone who wants to post notes about this afterwards or maybe even stream or blog it, please do!

Brian - I hope you're planning on hitting some of the upcoming conferences!
I think FoxForward even has a session track expressly for this type of approach!

Chicago FoxPro Users and Developers Group

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Brian Marquis said…
I'll be sure to post my presentation notes and source code. I wasn't planning on attending the conferences, but I'm willing to consider it, if there is enough interest in my work.
Andrew MacNeill said…
Consider it my personal "quest" - any chance we can hook up for a demo (I
can record) or an interview for the FoxShow at some time?
Brian Marquis said…
Subversion Repository

Excellent Subversion client

Documentation is in the docs subdirectory.

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