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Rick Borup shares the knowledge

Rick announced that his Southwest Fox 2005 papers are published.

I spoke with Rick about RSS and Wix on the FoxShow. Glad to see the content is now available.

If, like me, you think developers should be doing more with RSS - read the RSS piece for examples of using RSS for error logs and updates.

Now the last one (about updates) would fit in beautifully with NewsGator's latest offering.

And MORE - he just posted a videocast on using InnoSetup.

Xdrive : Needs Help Right Away

Wow - hard to imagine that a company whose SOLE Purpose for existing is to provide reliable storage via the web can't solve a problem, not in 24, not in 48 , not in 72 hours, heck - I've had a problem reported since December 9th and they still hadn't resolved it.

I was told by Tony today that there were hundreds, if not thousands of people ahead of me in the support queue.

WOW! - all I can say to people is

STAY AWAY from xDrive.

The concept is solid - the implementation is not. It simply DOES NOT WORK. I've already lost $90 because I let them say "we're working on it" - no more.

If you want to try their free trial, go for it - but don't bother signing up for it. It will disappoint or worse, you will lose your files that they say have been saved.

I had 1 gig of saved family videos from the very first day that I have never been able to retrieve. This company is a great example of Web -1.0.

Their support group follow their steps - they try to be helpful but …

Effective Email 102

I say 102 because my real guide for emailing comes from Bill Jensen's book : The Simplicity Survival Handbook: 32 Ways to Do Less and Accomplish More

However Guy's effective emailer is a great refresher.
Let the Good Times Roll--by Guy Kawasaki: The Effective Emailer

1. Yes, I'm often guilty of #5 either by "fisking" or by sending back one line responses. But I'm working at it. My #1 frustration is dealing with those who do it as well so at least I can appreciate it.

As Guy says "Take my advice and do as I say, not as I have done--or will do. :-)"

Using What You Need

A great post on life, resources and the great things people can do when they have little of both - and funny enough, it ties into Visual FoxPro.

I'll say what isn't directly stated in this post - I just started running Visual Studio 2005 on my fairly new (one-year old) laptop and it just feels "sluggish" - it's definitely resource hungry - no fault of the product - that's just the way it is (like Office, OpenOffice, and many other products). I was hoping to find a good XSLT builder in VS but it looks like I may just have to build my one - unless someone knows of one that is light-weight and builds fairly good XSLTs. (yes, I know the Intellisense is great in VS 2005 but it's almost like what I'm looking for is something where I can drag and drop an XML file onto a blank page and have it build a basic XSLT for me directly - lazy? Yes. Practical? Definitely. Just like the Object Browser)

If VS does do this, please let me know how because it's definite…

Fox Forward 2006 Conference - A community conference for developers, by develoeprs

As Rick Schummer noted, it looks like the fall is once again the season of Visual FoxPro conferences with the new Fox Forward 2006 conference being scheduled for Atlanta on September 15th-17th.

The "for developers, by developers" tag line sounds like it might get overused (I think DevTeach also uses it).

Craig's got a full list right here.
but here's the direct link to the Fox Forward 2006 Conference - A community conference for developers, by develoeprs

State of the Language Address

Craig must have been inspired by something, posting his The SPS Weblog - State of the Language Address

Now, what was missing is where we are supposed to stand up and applaud!

The real solution - better VFP applications being seen visibly as often as possible. Now that would be a Blitzy ad campaign. The challenge? Getting businesses who are persuaded by other "blitzy" ad campaigns to realize it.