DBF Support for Pocket PC

This showed up on the ProFox mailing list (from William Sanders of the efgroup). Although they explicitly mention CA-Clipper, they mention support for DBF and CDX.

So if you have read Andy's manifesto on DotNet and are thinking "ok - my Visual FoxPro application runs on the desktop, my VFP solution runs on the web using COM or WWC - how do I run it on a pocket PC without having to learn DotNet?" - this may be the solution.

Now the coding constructs may seem a bit old fashioned:

SET MESSAGE TO oWind TO "Default Message"

Has anyone worked with this company before?

I'm looking to see if they want a write-up in FPA but if you've tried them before, please let me know.

:: FiveTech Software :: FiveWin for Pocket PC


Hi, I'm currently using FWPPC. The syntax you showed (command oriented) is only one of the ways you can code with this tool. You can also use classes, methods and properties:

oWnd = TWindow():New()
oWnd:SetColor( nClrFore, nClrBack, oBrush )
oWnd:cCaption = "Test"

or just functions:

MsgInfo( "This is a message" )


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Richard Chidiak said…
Hi I am using Fivewin for Pocket Pc FWPPC

This product is unbeleivable, very easy and so powerful. No need to go into complicated things, just use all your xbase commands and functions. Dbf, fpt, cdx, bitmap support and so many other goodies. It is a "must have" product.

Joaquín Martínez said…
Hi I am using Fivewin for Pocket Pc FWPPC

It´s very powerfull, with dbf´s , cdx´, ntx ,class, in xBase language (clipper/harbour/VFp) and very very easy for use.

And wrapper´s in C for accesed to Windows API.

It´s The best for Programming Pocket

I´m sorry, I speak english a little. ;-)
Joaquín Martínez said…
Raymond Fischbach said…
Hi, I am also using FWPPC.
In fact I discovered it only a few days ago but it didn't take me long to find out that this was the ideal product to develop applications for Pocket PC's.
In a couple of days, starting from scratch, I could set up the basis of my first application with table browses, adding, modifying and deleting records, and this without knowing the product before.
I also want to point out the fast and extremely good help provided by FiveTech.

EDV007 said…
I am also using this tool, it is absolut phantastic how easy it is to write code for Pocket PC's. For me the perfect addon for my XBase applications. And the support is very fast and competent.

C-TEC Computertechnologie Gesellschaft & CO KEG
Anonymous said…
I am using Fivewin for Pocket PC and Windows CE.
It is very easy to program with this tool and to create small applications following the structure of the programs xbase of always. It is a tool that hoped for a long time and with which I shortly hope to have finished my first application.

Congratulations to Fivetech by his magnify work.
T. Sales
Otto Atzwanger said…
First of all I would like to congratulate FiveTech for this excellent tool.

In my opinion FWPPC is - at the moment - the only available tool for developing dbf-database applications for the pocket PC.

FWPPC is very easy to handle. It works like Fivewin, though FWPPC does not provide all the features that Fivewin provides.

If you know any kind of xBase language you are ready for FWPPC. It works the same way.

There are all the features to start building professional apps:

main window, pulldown menu, dbf-support, dialogue boxes, controls, browsers, Harbour (clipper (xBase)
language and features) functionality.

The programs run fast !!! and stable.

> Has anyone worked with this company before?

I use Fivewin since 1994 for my development.

> Now the coding constructs may seem a bit old fashioned:

You can use xBase-style or OOP-style. The sourcecode of the classes, functions and WINAPI are provided.



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