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DevCon Keynote Cleanup

Wow - over two hours of almost pure demos ...what a great opening to what I'm sure will be a great conference!
Ken finished going through VFP Resources, including the web site, whitepapers and blogs. Also referring to new books and magazines:
FoxPro Advisor Magizine (
A new book: New In Nine: VFP's Latest Hits ( (
Pricing: Same as VFP 8
Always included in MSDN Subscriptions
Enjoy your VFP 9.0 jelly cell pads - don't use it as a mouse pad!
Summary and Call to Action
Not released yet - but grab the beta - it works with VFP 8
There will not be a refresh to the beta before the release
Report any issues
VFP 9 works better with SQL Server
VFP 9 works great with DotNet
Scheduled for Q4 2004 Release
Then of course, Ken wanted to leave with a bang with some ideas of things they are working on....(not for 9 but after)
User can type in "my" and it shows a submenu of applications, options and other details.
My User Identity - and it automatically replaces that text with SYS(0)
A content list of blocked code that could be used to help write new code. You choose the activity (like Browsing an XML column) and it automatically puts in the code. This is very similar to Intellisense but it makes the writing of the code much faster.
Intellisense in FoxPro against the DotNet XML component. You can work directly with the DotNet object in VFP.
Goal: Allow Fox developers to access DotNet components within FoxPro.
First real mention of DotNet : 2 hrs and 20 minutes into the keynote.
Looks like this keynote will go for a full 2.5 hours.
Finished off with a video of Kiss!
Yag - Thank you Las Vegas! Good night!


Ted Roche said…
Excellent summaries, Andrew, thanks! Any word on official attendence figures?

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