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DevCon 2004 Keynote with the Fox Team Part 1

20 Years of the Fox - The Road to Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 ( a bit spotty but I'll clean it up later)
After a start of auspicious SNL videos, Ken got started with the Road to Visual FoxPro
Ken, Calvin, Yag, Randy Brown , Richard Stanton
What Was Not In The Keynote
No Markus with a short haircut
Jim Duffy singing and dancing
Drew Speedie in slow motion
Rick Strahl working on his three sessions
Toni Feltman with a fox tail
Doug Hennig in a swimming suite
No cheesy slides
DAO, RDO, ADO, Jet , MSMQ Demo
VFP 9.0
Most of VFP 9 will be demos
FoxBase+ 1.02 - 1984
Ken actually showed FoxPro 2.6 DOS - 1989 (with his legal version of Fox 2x when he was working at Flash)
Antarctica, Jan 2004 - Susan Graham went on vacation and ran into Dave Fulton
They had a great Interview with Dr. Dave recorded on Monday.
More of less aggrssive pursuing hobbies, collecting and playing violins, photography etc.
Not as much programming unless forced to - working with video software (all MS, of course <bg>)
Rushmore- always had a huge affection for it now that it's been included in more MS products
Remembering the 1991 Comdex
When they demonstrated Rushmore, they invited everyone back to Perrysburg
one guy who said "you can't read the data that fast"
So Dr Dave couldn't believe VFP is still alive after 20 years. His first assumption on joinng Fox was that they would merge Access and FoxPro -" it's's like the Fox has 9 lives...."
Richard McAniff, VP MS Office came up and reminisced how he used to work on LAN Manager and then went to work with Access. He wasn't familiar with databases and someone asked him to work on Fox. Why don't you go to Perrysburg and meet Dr. Dave?
He joined the Fox team as the MS Program Manager to introduce Fox 2.5. He said we're going to ship on x date even though dev said we can't (and they did).
Got started working with VFP 3.0 and Eric Rudder and other people who have really gone on pretty big in Visual FoxPro.
To this day, Richard still says "we used to do this in FoxPro".
He now runs Excel, Access and Office programability but his "heart" is still with Fox and with that he introduced Visual FoxPro 9...
Cue the music from 2001 a space odyssey as Mike Stewart showed the Big box...
More in next post....


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