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Adios 2004!

Reinstalling DotNet/ASPNet on a Windows 2003 Server

Reading MP3/WMA Information in FoxPro

Power of Blogs in the wake of disaster

Another place for Connection Info

Never forget a connection string again...

Dan Gillmor - Airline Meltdowns

Jim Grisanzio: Successful CEOs don't multi-task

Portable Sound: Belkin - TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter

Mainstream Coverage of the Asia disaster

Merry Christmas 2004

Onfolio - RSS in the Browser

Taking Heat for a Great Idea

Ken Levy's WebLog - The dawn of VFP 9

Visual FoxPro 9 Has Been Released!

Announcing SourceOffSite 4.1

Cool Newsgator Feature: Headlines

Steve's Transitions Journal

AddInfoX - Very useful Class Browser Add in

Hacking help 2.0

Art of the Start: Causation

Inspirational Ideas from Guy Kawasaki on Starting New Things

Yet Another Airport To Avoid

What VFP 9's Removal of Array Limits Really Means

Intellisense: inspecting live objects

Joel / Tamir on problems with MSF

FW: SQL Server Presentation

Kok Kiet's Blog: New FoxPro WebRAD Tool : FoxFusion

How does VFP create objects so fast?

Eqeus - Project Documenting System

Working with Edit Boxes in Visual FoxPro

The Red Couch: Announcing a corporate blogging book: the Red Couch project

MSN Messenger Beta - Can't Send Feedback yet

MSN Blogging service: still a beta service

Emergency IE Patch Fixes Critical Bug

Why does someone have to HOLD a device to listen to music?

Joel on What a webcast is!

VFP 9.0 Release Date

Dell Woes Again...

Sourcegear releases Vault 3.0

VFP 9 to be released on 15th of December

Good RSS Readers for SmartPhones/PocketPCs

Why Unit Test? Channel9 Wiki explains...

Visual FoxPro 9.0: Still Here, Still Relevant

Patents Should Meet BASIC Tests of Reason (Coffee)

Lost Remote: Comcast deploys Microsoft TV software

Ted Takes on Patents and MS Practices

Avalon Tech Preview Now Available

ASP.Net Goodies

How to write Firefox extensions

RSS Readers for Pocket PCs

Running Dynamic Code with ExecScript

Movies of Software

Business Model Generator (BMG)

Novell sues Microsoft for sinking WordPerfect (revised)

Craig's got the details on upcoming conferences

Managing Product Development

Always Us vs. Them?

Kevin McNeish has a blog! [for C# and .NET]

More on FireFox 1.0....

Mozilla releases Firefox 1.0

Microsoft Visual FoxPro Konferenz Frankfurt 2004

FoxCast - See Online Seminars from Fox Experts

OzFox 2004

The ReportListener Repository

Markus Talks to Steve Ballmer

Microsoft EULAs and Benchmarks

Why MS Doesn't Do All Their Products in Dot Net

Approaches To Unit Testing

Creating, parsing, graphing web hit logfiles or other temporal data

Something Amiss at Dell?

SplaTT's Blog: RSS of the best uses for RSS i have seen...

Email Posts Not Going Through

Visual FoxPro Coverage Profiler AddIns and Subclasses

Southwest Fox Practical Developers Conference for Visual FoxPro

Something Amiss at Dell?

Having "Heart" in What You Do

Josh Ledgard: The Issue is What Shouldn't We Share With Customers

Developer Division Updates now on Channel 9! (by yag)

Want to go Fishing?

RoboNexus - and the future is...

FoxBlog From Southwest

Universal Thread - Conferences - Southwest Fox 2004

Wired News: When War Games Meet Video Games

LookOut vs. Google Desktop

Showing Line Numbers in The Trace Window

News Of Interest from AKSEL Solutions

Another VFP 9 Cool Feature: MAKETRANSACTABLE()

I take it back, Ken --- - Lava flows to surface of Mount St. Helens

Go to Southwest

10, er, 20, years of FoxPro

Go to Southwest

Scoble Gets Bashed for Asking a valuable Question