I Want (or Don't Want) MacBook Air

Updated: certainly some of the reported problems (obscure USB among others) might make this device not as appealing. I also priced out a similar Sony Vaio - and they ended up being equally priced but you got more with the Vaio. Hmph...my foray back into Mac land may have to wait a bit...

OK - now I know what I definitely want for my new notebook. The overall HW specs don't sound that great - but it's time to dump my Dell (I reviewed the buy-out on my HW lease - what a rip-off - this machine is going back) - and I really do think it's time to come back to my true 6-color roots (even if Apple's colors these days run more platinum)

But seriously...it's THAT thin???? Cripes...and it looks like their pricing for Canada is close to on par. $1899 Cdn vs. $1799 US. If you look at today's exchange rate ($1.0378), it's pretty close.

Yes , I suppose I could look at a Sony VAIO - but no thanks, Sony. I've pretty much stopped doing business with you (even if you did go DRM-Free at Amazon).

Could I use it as my development workstation? Hard to say, but I remember almost 8 years ago, seeing Ed Leafe doing all his dev on his MacBook and I was envious. Definitely time.

But VFP Developers, what are you using for your development machines?
Apple Canada - MacBook Air

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