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Is there any developer who has to build help for their products who hasn't tried West-Wind Help Builder?

The ability to quickly create developer help from your Visual FoxPro projects and DotNet aside - this tool just makes it very easy to build help.

I've played with Robohelp (older versions) and I couldn't handle it - I don't want a Word clone to build my help file - I want a tool that looks like the help file as I'm building it and that's exactly what Help Builder does.

Plus, the integration with SnagIt rocks!

I'm especially excited about 4.40 (that Rick Strahl just posted about) though because it helps deal with posting the HTML help to non-Windows-based servers. We have recently hooked up with a hosting site that gives us pretty much unlimited storage for our files and so I've posted our help files up there. Only problem? It's linux-based so everything is case-sensitive and doesn't like \ for path modifiers. Until recently, I've had to be extra careful with my Help Builder projects - hopefully not anymore!

If you have never tried this tool, you owe it to yourself and your customers to use it!

Help Builder 4.40 Preview Update Posted - Rick Strahl's Web Log

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