VFPX continues to impress!

While I will readily admit to being a little disheartened when I read that since the VFPY (not VFPX) uses a GPL license, I can't use any of its pieces in commercial software (since it requires that I be able to give away the source code), the original VFPX project is barrelling right along and I'm loving it.

I've already gushed about the ctl32_statusbar control, and Carlos will be working on a scrollable container but my new favorite one is the Outlook2003bar. It works like a pageframe and is very flexible. I subclassed it and pulled it into my own application in just a few minutes. (I'm going to do a screen cam of it this weekend so you can see how to get into it)

Think your VFP application can't look like other apps on the market today? Think again. The VFPX project is making things that developers used to think were difficult without ActiveX, super easy to do.

Kudos to Emerson Reed for leading up this project.



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