Thank you Rick

Rick Schummer did a great job covering the FoxPro DevCon and you can see all of his results here.

Shedding Some Light: Advisor DevCon - Wrap up

Day 3

Day 2

Day 1

Hope you have an awesome Labor day and thanks again!

Short of streaming or podcasting the event, this was great.

On a DevCon note, I was kind of sad about the turnout - I heard from an attendee that he felt it was kind of depressing because in the past, DevCons were where you could see all the new cool stuff. Now with VFPX and Sedna being "transparent", many developers had already seen it.

I'm of mixed thoughts on this - I would hope that MS pulled out a little bit more "cool stuff" but then after reading Craig's thoughts on TechEd, maybe not. I always look at Devcons as being about the enthusiasm and from the sounds of it from Rick's posts, many of those FoxPro sessions had it.

Thanks again, Rick!

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