Craig Bailey's thoughts on life and Visual FoxPro: O07: Office 2007 Technical Refresh Thoughts

Craig Bailey gives a great rundown of features to be found in the latest Office 2007 Technical Refresh.

I'm glad he did this because while he identifies the good, he also identifies the bad (Project 2007 being hosed, among others), the ugly (Visio Startup) and the just plain "huh".

I had the beta on my laptop and unfortunately, that box lives on gmail and the web mostly so I've only had to use it a few times. One thing I hope they have fixed is their backward compatibility with Word 2003. I'm still out as to whether I'll do a full upgrade or even recommend it. As Craig notes, when some features aren't "backwards compatible so you are limited in who you can send it to" - this will really limit to how much it gets used. Microsoft should spend the resources and put together a web-based or free download tool to allow viewing of these files as they used to do. (if one already exists, then I've missed it)

Thanks Craig!


Anonymous said…
Hey there - got an Excel spreadsheet from someone today - and when I tried to open it, it offered to take me directly to the website to download the converter. So, it's there.

Andrew MacNeill said…
Good to know. I'll have to try that with those earlier versions of Word on my other machine.

Thanks Yag!

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