Craig Asks for another call to action


Of course with conference season upon us, one would think that the blogosphere would be PACKED with posts but sadly, Rick was one of the only ones who jumped on it.

But part of the issue I find with Tiobe is: which counts more? VFP, FoxPro, Fox, etc? As well, other tracking sites just don't do some of us justice. Don't try looking for FoxPro in technorati - it never shows recent posts from me , as well as others - despite my being one of the first FoxPro people to sign up.

Check out the posts regarding the great XFRX tool.

But on a more serious front, what can one do?

1. Add your posts and links of interest to It's a free tagging service and it does increase buzz (which is really what TIOBE is all about)

2. Post any and all of your thoughts on the matter. I will bet that 90% of FoxPro developers are a lot like J Osborn who may feel a bit guilty, but has the right idea about posting about what they're doing.

3. User group members : BLOG about your meetings. It's not enough just to put it onto FoxCentral - tell us what happened (even if it was Vista blowing up). UGs do a great job of advertising their meetings but not enough about what went on. I can appreciate it's part of the reason for the memberships but there's a lot to show and talk about these days.

4. Podcasters: Where are your podcasts? Oh, yeah, that's me. Sorry - been really busy - no excuse for sure but it's the truth...

5. What? You aren't blogging? But you have time to tell "real" people about the joys of working in FoxPro? Tell it aloud. There is not a single developer

6. So now, I have to say : Bob Kocher and Kevin Cully - your conferences are right around the corner. I hope the WiFi is blasting and the laptops are out, blogging away.

What else can be done?

Tiobe Again

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