Another reason to go to FoxForward?

Kevin just announced that Darrell Gardner will be presenting at FoxForward, discussing project management for developers.


Craig said…
Ahh, but Southwest Fox will have Cathy Pountney doing a presentation on project management. But wait! There's more! I will have one on Agile methodologies. Go to SWFox and get more bang for your buck!
Andrew MacNeill said…
Very true Craig.

Fact is - there are a lot of great conferences and limited resources for all to get to them. It's a real shame about all the scheduling that put them right up against each other!

Southwest definitely has a lot going for it, including an incredible number of known speakers. I do like however, that FoxForward will have a number of speakers that aren't known and thus may have alot of new things or insights to add.

Speaking of Agile, I wanted to get you on the show to talk about it. You up for it?

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