Bill Coupe on Tiobe

FoxPro Moves to 12th… No, Stays in 13th!

I wanted to ensure that others get a chance to read Bill's take on the Tiobe (even despite the lone comment on this issue where you get the feeling his blog is usually more non-Fox than other Fox blog sites <bg>).

He's right that Microsoft won't give VFP as much press as other tools but that doesn't mean we can't.

My original post about the FBI's own misinformation (insert your own conspiracy theory quip here) and the subsequent comments show that the problem isn't Microsoft's alone - it's an IT problem. Maybe it's a NIH (not invented here) reaction or simple ignorance - but it's the challenge that needs to be overcome.

I just received an email from a FoxPro "user" - he's not a developer but he built a little app in FoxPro 2.x DOS and wanted to know how to get up to speed on VFP without having to spend a lot of money. I've mentioned Learning Visual FoxPro, a site I'm trying to fulfill with as much free content and links to tips , tricks and how-tos in VFP. There's always the Wiki but that's more of an encyclopedic approach.

Where would you send him?

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