Offering Multiple Feeds

Craig, I agree -
I was also a bit disappointed when I realized that Rick Schummer has switched his feeds to only showing the partial feed instead of the whole one. Update: Rick's feed is a FULL text feed but Newsgator is only showing a few lines of posts done later on. I wonder why.

You can have a Feedburner that offers full feeds and another that offers only the partial feed (Feedburner calls this its Summary Burn).

This is kind of like what Steve has done on the Wiki - choose between Full, brief or title only for updates.

Another solution for you Craig - Fetchlinks. It's a Newsgator plug-in that will actually download the entire piece into Newsgator (whoops - it's for the desktop version only - i.e. Email version).

But I agree with you - I'm getting to the point where it makes more sense for me to stop subscribing to sites that don't give me full text. (again)

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