Eric Sink on Java

I did try to really jump into Java, really I did. I tried to get into it with J++, I get around JavaScript fairly easily and I still like it as a concept. But I've never seen a "good-looking" Java application - they usually look so (I can't even find the right word, drab, blah, amateur, I dunno) - but I do appreciate the language and what it means.

As it turns out, so does Eric - his post Java and Tiger Woods is a must-read.


Anonymous said…
Javascript, Andrew?
Andrew MacNeill said…
Hey - you need javascript to do AJAX apps - which I do on occasion.

But the main point is that Java as a language, while popular, seems to be at that "awkward" age where it just doesn't do anything (for me, at least) that seems visually cool or aweinspiring.

Now I have seen some cool web-based apps that do network graphing, etc - but I find the Web 2.0 apps (Basecamp, Writely , etc) look better than most Java applications.

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