Andy Kramek: Morituri te salutant

Wow - he doesn't post for a month but when he does...

So after at least one swipe at Advisor, Andy and Marcia are moving the Kitbox from FoxTalk over to Advisor. (a revolution from within may begin... )

The why is one of those not well-guarded secrets in the FoxPro world. FoxTalk was recently taken over by Eli Research who adopted their own formatting guidelines fairly tight restrictions(see comment) over the writers and editors. With such a wild bunch as the FoxPro community, it only stood to reason that some more shakeups would occur.

FoxPro Advisor now gets two of the best writers around - what a great coup - because the KitBox is one of the best reads around.

It's going to be interesting - Advisor may become more like FoxTalk and FoxTalk may become more like Advisor with its new layout.

The result? More FoxPro articles abound for all developers to read and we, the community, are wealthier for it.

Andy Kramek : Morituri te salutant (Those who are about to die, salute you)

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