Xdrive : Needs Help Right Away

Wow - hard to imagine that a company whose SOLE Purpose for existing is to provide reliable storage via the web can't solve a problem, not in 24, not in 48 , not in 72 hours, heck - I've had a problem reported since December 9th and they still hadn't resolved it.

I was told by Tony today that there were hundreds, if not thousands of people ahead of me in the support queue.

WOW! - all I can say to people is

STAY AWAY from xDrive.

The concept is solid - the implementation is not. It simply DOES NOT WORK. I've already lost $90 because I let them say "we're working on it" - no more.

If you want to try their free trial, go for it - but don't bother signing up for it. It will disappoint or worse, you will lose your files that they say have been saved.

I had 1 gig of saved family videos from the very first day that I have never been able to retrieve. This company is a great example of Web -1.0.

Their support group follow their steps - they try to be helpful but in the long run, they can't help a sinking ship. If you use it, get out now - if you can get your files, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

Xdrive : 24/7 Support

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