Using What You Need

A great post on life, resources and the great things people can do when they have little of both - and funny enough, it ties into Visual FoxPro.

I'll say what isn't directly stated in this post - I just started running Visual Studio 2005 on my fairly new (one-year old) laptop and it just feels "sluggish" - it's definitely resource hungry - no fault of the product - that's just the way it is (like Office, OpenOffice, and many other products). I was hoping to find a good XSLT builder in VS but it looks like I may just have to build my one - unless someone knows of one that is light-weight and builds fairly good XSLTs. (yes, I know the Intellisense is great in VS 2005 but it's almost like what I'm looking for is something where I can drag and drop an XML file onto a blank page and have it build a basic XSLT for me directly - lazy? Yes. Practical? Definitely. Just like the Object Browser)

If VS does do this, please let me know how because it's definitely not intuitive.


yag said…
If you're talking XSD, there's a button on the XML toolbar that will create one from the XML you have loaded in the window. If you mean have a blank canvas, drag bits of XML to it and have it create an XSL Template behind the scenes, that's not there.

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