Toni's Looking for automated testing

(Argh! after writing a nice little opus, Blogger crapped out on me and I lost it)

At any rate, it looks like Toni is looking for automated testing tools.

Yes, I wrote an article about the VFP Test Harness and FoxRunner but both of these tools (as Toni and I have discussed ) have a steep learning curve (kind of like having to learn a scripting language to install an application).

Now I've tried Vermont Creative's High Test Plus which worked well EXCEPT that it didn't handle testing different directories or screen resolutions very well. Heck - I even used Microsoft Test, a tool so unknown that you can't even find a good Google page for it except for all the people who used to have to use it.

While I was looking in the archives, whatever happened to AutoManual? Roger Woodsmall's tool was more for documentation but hey! it did test every little piece of your application and took a screen shot of it to boot.

While yes, I suppose one could argue that if you did proper unit testing, you wouldn't have much need for automated testing but that's a bit far fetched because the problems never occur when you do things one at a time, it's when everything is put together!

And even then, everyone finds another way of doing it. Can you right-click or left click or what happens when you do something and the moon is full?

I almost wish TechSmith would do something like Morae for automated testing - because they get the screen capture aspect of it down so well with Morae.

One thing I really liked about FoxRunner was the number of features (it did do scripting with a VFP-like language and it did do some good work with test data ) but the UI was really tough to get used to.

Hey - is there a new version for this tool yet with an improved UI? That might be the answer. Otherwise you'll have to do as I suggested in my FoxAdvisor article, and write your timer code that just goes around hitting every button on every form, and the like.

Any ideas - be sure to let Toni know and let everyone else in on the secret.

F1 Technologies Blog: Automated Testing?

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