Problems at Xdrive?

UPDATE: Effective 2/7/2006, I canceled my xDrive account after being told that my issue was still "hundreds, if not thousands" behind others in the support queue. If that isn't a reason why people should stay away from this company, I don't know what is.

Looks like I'm not the only one either with problems with xDrive.

I was looking for a reliable online backup facility. I agreed to pay them for the full year up front. Although my 5GB drive has approximately 1 GB free, one of my regular backups hasn't been successful since October.

I also received a nice little missive that said "we've moved to a large system upgrade intended to improve the overall performance. As a result, the service has been unreliable. We do not have an ETA as to when the site will be completely fixed."

Unreliable? I can't even back up or upload a file without an error.

I've been dealing with Henry Forrest who seems very interested in helping me but back on December 6th, I was told to be patient. My recent email from yesterday was greeted with a "Please provide me with your user name and password" - huh? That's a workaround answer and I know it. You HAVE my user name - it's on the case #. Their "superior customer service" list doesn't even note that there is a problem although the forums are fairly detailed with some flame comments.

According to the most recent post, Molson reports that their recent patch (from last week) had to be rolled back. Argh!

Patience has its limits. I hope 2006 brings a completely improved XDrive, otherwise it will suffer the same fate as those companies who just can't deliver what they promise.

Update: I think what bothers me most about this whole thing is that I prepaid the year for only 5GB and I could have put the same money towards a 200GB USB drive that would have allowed me to back it all up and more. And the bad reviews for xDrive keep on coming.

loose wire: Problems at Xdrive?

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