'The Perfect Fit'

This story keeps on getting more press.
VARBusiness Nielsen and Borland - 'The Perfect Fit'

Interesting because back in 1999, it was Tod who "leads Microsoft's Developer Group as it transforms the Web from a static tool into a vast network of personal and programmable services."

If you read the background story, it really is fascinating. Back in 1999, here was the comment ""If you're building applications, I'd love to meet you, find out what you are trying to do, tell you about the products and technologies we have, and figure out a way for us to work together so you can build the best applications," Nielsen says "That's the key to success for developers and for ________." - <---- enter company name here.

What's cool is that Tod is still completely committed to doing it. What's interesting is where he's doing it - he's just raised my interest level in Borland which had dropped off a fair bit when Philippe Kahn was the CEO, who liked to show off his arrogance.


Anonymous said…
Do think that Todd might try to purchase VFP from Microsoft or come out with a VFP clone/resurrect dBase?

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