Ribbon Control in Office 12

Saw this on Scoble and of course, it's DotNet only.

So the next question will be is either the Argus Software labs who gave us CommandBars or the SednaX project going to be able to give us this in Visual FoxPro?


Malcolm Greene said…

As you know, I'm also a great fan of Alex's CommandBars product. I hope we (you and I and the VFP community) can convince Alex to keep evolving the CommandBars product. For instance, in addition to RibbonBar support, it would be great to see Alex's product handle OneNote style tab controls. (The look and feel are so similar that one would think the extra development effort would be minimal?)

If not, it would be nice to DevComponents offer a VFP compatible version (ActiveX/COM) of their upcoming RibbonControl component.

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