So what would be your one question?

The Fox Show has been featuring interviews with the Southwest Fox speakers and other community members. Now every time I do an interview, I prepare a list of questions that deal with an upcoming session and their views on development, yada, yada, yada.

Now, although there is some advertising on the FoxShow, it's more to help cover costs than to make a million. In fact, in the last show, I made the point that if anyone in the FoxPro community wants to talk about a particular product, topic or just come on and tell me how wrong I am about everything, by all means please do. So it really is, similar to the Working Podcast, a community podcast.

So that said, I have an interview coming up with a member of the FoxTeam (KL) - and so now I'm asking you - what question do you want answered?

You can immediately dispense with the obvious ones: where is MS Marketing on VFP, when is VFP going to be in the CLR, etc- those are questions that have been asked and answered. And you can also see a lot of questions the group has already answered in David Stevenson's interview right during DevCon.

So with all the things that have been said at DevCon, on the VFP Web site, on the blogs, what is the one thing you want to know?

Let me know.

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