MarkusEgger. The Wonderful World of Magazine Auditing

Markus opens up the hood under Code and other magazines' audits and it shows some very interesting numbers.

Visual Studio Magazine:
* 2001: 109,610 paid copies
* 2002: 106,066 paid copies
* 2003: 74,274 paid copies
* 2004: 38,294 paid copies

"So they are basically at a point where they lost two thirds of their paid readership. Ouch!" (from Markus)

What he noted excitedly was that Code Magazine was continually increasing - which is great news - it's a great magazine.

But what are people reading? if you're reading this, you're likely in the same boat I am - I have magazines that I still haven't gotten into but I'm getting the same great information online via Blogs, RSS and podcasts.

It must be quite a struggle for magazines these days - I think I'll ask Markus that when we get together for our FoxShow interview next week. - Development Blog


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