Windows Media Player Podcasting Plug-Ins

Chris Lanier has a supposed list of podcasting plugins for WMP - the problem is that none of these are actually PLUG-INS for WMP. Sorry Scoble.

The best one I've seen so far to boot is Feedstation from Newsgator - why? I go to NewsGator online, find a podcast, hit Add to My Podcasts. Feedstation picks these up , downloads them, and then using Windows Media Player 10, automatically creates a Playlist and syncs them with my Creative Labs Muxo player.

It used to be: go to iPodder download folder, copy and paste onto My pocket PC (very time-consuming). Microsoft - improve Sync and Go to support MP3 and then we'll talk.

But with Feedstation, it becomes two steps:
1. Mark a podcast I want. (Feedstation does the rest)
2. Autosync.

Must better than the alternatives.
Windows Media Player Podcasting Plug-Ins


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