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Ajax and Atlas

MIT Weblog Survey

MAKE: Blog: Audible does Podcasts - the complete guide (and HOW TO)

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NewsGator Introduces Podcasting Support

CastBlaster v0.17 beta Now Available - no USB Support

Pictures of VFP DevCon 2005

MS at Gnomedex: I Don't Want to Wait for Longhorn to see you "get" something

Gangdex on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Gnomedex 5.0 Rocks

Microsoft IE 7 at Gnomedex: RSS Everywhere

Gnomedex has a live feed

Six-legged puppy dumped at temple

fiat volpes: Ken Levy's July letter is up

Ken Levy - Showing off his gadgets (6 videos and counting)

Ken Levy and Sedna on Channel 9

EXCLUSIVE: Podcasting ROBOT to be released at Gnomedex (I Love Radio .org)

Universal Thread Conference Coverage - DevTeach 2005

Another analysis of the Roadmap - visual messaging

Microsoft to Serve Up SQL Server 2005 Preview

The Mindjet Blog

IT Conversations: Scott Cook - Larry's World

IronPython Pre-Alpha Released

CBC's shop offering staff discount to podcasters and bloggers

Review of RealOne Subscription and Refund

Using the CommandBars library

When will people switch from Microsoft?

What Defines a Release?

Alex covers the devcon keynote

Apple chief to grads: Glad I dropped out

Bizwerk: Donald Norman Defends Cheating

David Stevenson: DEVCON keynote shows early Sedna ideas

Talking Fox: Interesting VFP developer statistics (from Microsoft survey)

Who's Blogging DevCon?

Foxpro.catalyst :: FoxPro workBLOGS and more

What Not To Do At A Booth

Fox, reincarnated

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Give Your Application An Identity - PLEASE

A Serendipitous Intention Dating an Apple Developer

Longhorn Outruns XP, Threatens Tiger - Really???

Boing Boing: Ecommerce sites use personal info to charge you more

Web Sites Driven by Visual FoxPro

Diversions - Uncyclopedia

David Stevenson's Talking Fox: Don't miss the free PDF article by Lisa Slater Nicholls

A baggage handler ate my apple

How do you name your product?

Apple OS X runs on Intel hardware, has for five years...

What is Project Aardvark?

Office 12 defaulting to .XML file format

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Craig's take on the roadmap

Microsoft's Visual FoxPro Roadmap

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