CommandBars - The More I use, the more I like

The more I use it, the more I like it. CommandBars from Arg-Software Design Lab is so cool and for only $165/dev, it's a steal. No more ActiveX controls needed, no more ActBar conflicts - and I can change the UI with a single tweak. Check it out here


Anonymous said…
I looked at the demo and I agree with you...great stuff.

I don't know why the VFP team doesn't do this to VFP "right out of the box"? I've requested/suggested this feature a long time ago :(
Andrew MacNeill said…
Agreed - this is something that needs to be built into either

a) the FoxPro interface
b) the built-in MS controls so that VB developers and VFP developers can use it
Bill Gunn said…

Can you share a little more about CommandBars? Was it easy to integrate into your appss and are there any side effects to be aware of?

I've seen an earlier CommandBar demo and the product looked spectacular.

Bill Gunn
Andrew MacNeill said…

There is certainly a challenge changing your existing forms over to use the new approach but that is mostly learning curve.

Getting the product licensed is a bit tricky as it needs to be done in the Registry and the library but once this is done , it's simply a matter of distributing the classes with the application.

I'll post more details as I go further into it.

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