Source Control and Other Imperatives for Developers

Craig picked up on my post about source control and it got me thinking. That "From coder to developer" sounds like an awesome session Craig - wish I would see it - maybe you should do a FoxCast

I recall several years ago a post that made its way around the Fox community that were practical questions to ask prospective employees about FoxPro. This had questions like "Why should I use PACK and what are the alternatives?" and "describe the order of a banded report writer" (does anyone have the link for that - it was priceless)

Today, the development world has changed sufficiently that all kinds of other questions should be on there as well. It's not even enough to be certified because that tests your ability to work with various aspects of FoxPro but also about team development.

1. What is the difference between sharing and branching?

2. What rules should you apply before checking in code?

3. What is Extreme Programming?

4. Why should you do a code review?

I also recall that Jim Booth did a hilarious send-up of the answers for the old Foxpro one including :
Q: How does the Transporter work?
A: You step into the circle and say "Scotty, beam me up"

Q: How does a multi-band report writer work?
A: One band is enough for me, I like the Rolling Stones.

Q: What should you check when you PACK a table?
A: Toothbrush, clean underwear, etc - how would you fit a table into a suitcase anyways?

What non-FoxPro questions do YOU ask potential FoxPro hirees?
For that matter, what FoxPro questions do you ask?


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