"Why I unsubscribed from Napster" - Why?

The arguments here are pretty basic. I subscribed to MusicNow's service about three years ago - I unsubscribed because I stopped using my Dell laptop on my TV.

This is a standard problem with DRM. I have 4 computers in my home and an Audiotron - I buy music on one of them - I expect to be able to play it on all of them. I get the constant "retrieving license" message. The solution?

Buy it - burn it onto CD / DVD. Then put it into your media library - you've got it - it's yours AND hopefully (as long as the company doesn't go bankrupt and you don't have a copy of the receipt), you can always prove you own it.

The declaration: "Which brings me to a declaration: The end-user should never, under any legitimate circumstances, have to worry about copy protection." - hey ! you drive a car, you always have to show your insurance. You pay by cheque - you always have to show photo ID. The subscription model works AMAZINGLY WELL - IF you are willing to buy it, burn it and then re-use it. If not, then you'll be like this unhappy guy. You buy a CD - you copy it? You better be able to prove you own it (as embarassing as it may be, I wish I could prove I still own some of the records I used to by pulling out the old tapes or vinyl - only the best survive)

How does this apply to VFP? It's kind of like the EULA - you BOUGHT Foxpro right? Wrong - you bought a license to use it. At least the VFP 9 EULA doesn't require that you remove the older versions - but all of the companies involved in DRM have to come up with the right solution.


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