FoxShow #2 - Podcast on Visual FoxPro, Business and other stuff

Show notes on the site - it gets a bit rambly at the end during the gripe. If it sounds like I'm looking for good solid developers who are able to jump into a project with minimal supervision, that's because I am but also because I typically work remotely with other remote developers. It's tough - but ultimately worthwhile for family.

However, how to assign tasks, review work and ensure the "are
they getting it?" factor is tough and ultimately can be frustrating since you only find out at the end.

I try to use Bill Jensens' Simplicity handbook as a good guide but sometimes, it's very tough.

Anyways enjoy the show - and if you want to shoot me an email with comments, shoot it to

FoxPro, Business and other stuff :


Kevin Ragsdale said…
Great job (as always), Andrew! Looking forward to more!

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