FetchLinks - plugin for NewsGator

OK, Chris Pirillo - you got me.

I complained a few posts ago about missing content. Sure enough, he responded to my blog (see the comments) with two words: Andrew: Fetchlinks. ;)

Now, THAT'S WHY NewsGator has to be the number one News Aggregator around. Congratulations Greg on such a great way of dealing with features and GREAT JOB , Graeme on making good use of it.

Back to Ted's comments, I categorize my blogs into different areas - it makes it easier to use NewsGator's overview pages. Right now, Pirillo falls under "diversions" - but he's in good company (Wil Wheaton, Jan Polet , Grape Radio and more)

We'll see if you get moved after I can actually read your content (via Outlook)) and see if it fits better under Development, FoxPro, Business or just plain Tech Stuff.

FetchLinks plugin for NewsGator | graemef.com


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