Visual FoxPro Coverage Profiler AddIns and Subclasses

I was running the VFP Profiler on a project, trying to identify some areas where performance was getting bogged down and decided to do a search to see if anyone had written any add-ins that let me see where each piece of code was being called.

The Profiler is great for seeing what gets called, and how long it takes but it doesn't give you a good view of the ORDER in which things get called.

So I googled it and found this older (1999) article by Lisa Slater Nicholls about building add-ins to the coverage profiler. One of the add-ins gives you a graphical depiction of how the code is running. Hey - these work in all versions of VFP since 6 - that's awesome!

Yet another example of how there are some truly amazing tools and add-ins available for commonly used tools in VFP that everyone should be made aware of.

Visual FoxPro Coverage Profiler AddIns and Subclasses


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