Calvin VFP Keynote Part 2

Calvin Hsia
(gonna show you something you've never seen before...)
Project Manager and Property sheet now has Font settings
Background Compile
Underlines and verifies each code as you type it ( catching
Memo Tips Intellisense
So when you browse through a table with memo fields, the tooltip shows the actual content of the memo field.
Intellisense now also works with the WITH statement as long as you say
WITH oGrid AS grid
FOR EACH lo AS Column IN THIS.Grids
Runtime Intellisense
Convert YT to Yours Truly
(Toni Feltman wrote an article on this in FoxPro advisor recently)
More Advanced Tablet Functionality
You can now distinct between Pen Down and MouseClick events
With IsPen() function to tell you that the click event was fired by the user using the Pen.
Display Orientation - lets you change VFP's orientation (twisting it 360 degrees)
New Clipboard Functionality
You can now place Rich Text Format onto the Clipboard
Calvin also demonstrated the ability to create a ScreenSaver with VisualFoxPro
AutoComplete populates a table to create a drop-down of recently used terms.
He opened the AutoComplete table showing how you can change the weight and count of each item to make them show up easlier
Class Browser now supports program classes.
Enhanced Binary Support
No need to take ASC(SUBSTR( to the code.
More parameters BINTOC and CTOBIN remove the need to do CHRTRAN to convert Bin values
User can now sort the Document view by name or location.
Demonstrated some of the new GDI+ functionality supported in VFP, including gradient brushes and ability to create Bezier curves directly in VFP .
Showed a really cool GDI+ trick by which you can capture the parts of the desktop and export it directly to an object on the image or into other applications (like Paint) - no more need for snag it tools.
Power Events
Ability to BINDEVENT to an HWnd. Including tracking events like preventing the user from shutting down the computer dynamically, new media is inserted and more. To demonstrate, he took a picture with his Digital camera and as soon as he put the media card in, VFP then loaded the JPGs without even waiting for the user. It even grabbed all the details from the image. It can even be used to look for the existence of files. Without having to use things like FILE(), as soon as the file exists, VFP can respond to the event when a file changes.
You can even bind to screen events so you can track when new forms are created.


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