Survey says 52% of application developers use .NET ??

More interesting than the article itself (or the survey for that matter which certainly appears biased) are the comments.

My own theory behind this is because everyone who used to be a VB developer likely has DotNet on their desktop - whether or not they are USING it actively or just want to say they are using it to make it look good - remains to be seen.

I have DotNet. I have USED DotNet and if a survey asked me what tools do I develop in, I would certainly check off DotNet. But I don't work 100% in DotNet, which may be the real question that needs to be asked.

52% of application developers use .NET


Anonymous said…
Nonsense. Look at the articles and do the math - it seems that 100% of the developers are using either J2EE or DotNet. There are *HUGE* communities of C, C++, Perl, Python, etc. out there, so where do they count?

"A recent Evans Data study that tracks .NET usage shows a sharp increase in adoption. From spring 2003 to spring 2004, .NET development gained 6% among users. "

Six percent is a "sharp increase?" Over a year? From a buggy 1.0 product to a less-buggy 1.1 product? C'mon, Andrew, you know better than this! This survey could be summed up as "We surveyed 500 out-of-work VB4, 5 and 6 programmers who said they'd be glad to ship an app in DotNet!"
Andrew MacNeill said…
I didn't say I agreed with it (so I revised the title on my post! :)

The survey itself I think is a farce as well.

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