No Need to go to tools

Now when you're editing a form, you can choose how you want to change the tab order WITHOUT having to go to Tools Options. Either interactively (for those who like to go mouse crazy) or by list (for easily choosing by Row or Column).


Ted Roche said…
Andrew: Hate to burst your bubble, but if you go to Tools | Options, Form, there's been a Tab Ordering option since at least... VFP 5 is the oldest I have installed. They've just moved the option to make it more convenient.
Andrew MacNeill said…
I know it's been there since very early on but they've finally made it easier to get to while you're working in your forms.

It's these types of little cosmetic fixes that make VFP 9 great to work in even when you have to deploy in VFP 8 or earlier.
Ted Roche said…
Well, I wish I could delete my comment now that my comment doesn't match your rewritten article. I didn't think you knew about the list mode, from your original post.

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