Duke to give iPods to all freshmen

Jeez and all I got was a pencil.

You see, this is how Apple is the number one computer for students and in the education market. They cut the right kind of deals, they know what to give away in the deal and they end up with huge mindshare.

Marketshare? Who cares about marketshare if you have people simply saying "one day I'll get an Apple" - because eventually they will.

(now,now - don't jump on me for saying that. Yes, Apple only has less than 10% of the computer market - but that doesn't stop them from still being a better REGARDED company than most others. and typically speaking, they aren't hurting in the overall sales area.

Yes, it could always be better but not every one has a BMW or a Lexus either - yet when you think of luxury or high-quality cars, those names typically come in on top.)

That said, you can't eat "mindshare" and you can certainly eat with "marketshare". It's a trade-off but this deal shows that Apple still knows how to get to the "core" of the early adopter.

MSNBC - Duke to give iPods to all freshmen


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