Conference Re-design

Craig makes a great post referring to Beyond Bullets and their socialable media template. After going through their template and their blog articles, I have to agree but then I start thinking out the actual content of the conferences.
Wouldn't it be great if a conference actually was organized to go from different types of application development from beginning to end?
Think about it - two possibly three tracks: Desktop, Web, Hybrid (or Pocket PC, etc, etc)
Day 1 - Design. An entire day devoted to different design techniques, including physical, architectural and conceptual designs. Show exactly what each member of the team does during those phases.  Discuss project management on the whole.
Day 2 - Prototyping and Development. Discuss data planning techniques, user interface prototyping, show some examples of Extreme Programming at the prototype phase. Have a round table of why certain approaches to n-tier architecture work and others don't..  Even bring up unit testing.
Day 3 - Testing and Implementation. Discuss the roll-out ideas, training, re-factoring concepts as well as the all-important concept of integration testing and the final post-mortem.
If you needed to handle 4 days, you could easily expand out these basic concepts (UI on one day and under the hood on another) and there is enough to discuss in each individual topic.
Hey Craig - now you've done it - I'm pumped on this idea! Anyone else? I think this has the makings of not just a regular conference but a web-based conference. Interested in that? Drop me a line and let me know...(more on the next post)

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