Improve visual foxpro or else...

For those who thought Ms was not listening to the foxpro community, John koziol
really makes the case.

Not everything will get in but all of the actual input from the
community is seen- not just by the fox team but also those who are
seeing how popular foxpro really is. Great post, john!


Anonymous said…
Thanks, Andrew

We really want customer feedback on VFP. It's a good thing to centralize that feedback, hence the blog post and link.

To be clear, of course we can't actually act on every post. There are good ideas and really stinky bad ideas.

Also, to be clear, it wasn't an "Improve or Else" post. The post (and link) is not intended to demand feedback, nor is it going to act as a lightening rod to gauge customers interest in VFP for MS.

OTOH, we are listening and listening closely. We are intensively customer-driven; maybe more so than other teams at MS. I'm not disparaging anyone, but - as you know - the Fox community has always been close-knit with MS folks closely aligned with the community. Other teams at MS are new to this idea but rapidly coming in line with the win-win that relationship represents.

Great blog, Andrew, and thanks.

John Koziol

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