Copy Protection & CDs

Not having receiving a new CD for quite some time, I was quite surprised to find that my new copy of Let It Be...Naked featured a copy protection scheme that effectively prevented me from including it in my CD collection.
Many of you will likely think I've been living under a rock - I haven't - I just haven't needed to buy a new CD. I knew they were doing some things for copy protection but EMI has really taken it to the level where it's unbelievable.
To play the CD on your computer, you need to install "their" program OR you effectively need to ruin the CD. Yes, supposedly this can be done by using a marker and going around the outside of the CD with it. That kind of scares me because after actually paying money for a CD, the last thing I want to do is possibly ruin it.
This isn't about circumventing licenses either. This is simply about wanting to listen to the music where I want. I have an AudioTron device ( that plays music on my stereo from all sources. I need to move the music there to run.
What this effectively does is tell me that these companies do not want my business. I would far rather purchase the music online for $0.99 a song instead of buying a CD. Thankfully that is precisely what some companies are doing.
So now, instead of being able to enjoy my music, I have to burn another copy of the data CD and then play around with the black pen. Unbelievable...


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