Using Blogger and want to do RSS?

If you are using and want to know how to let everyone know how to use this great feature called RSS, it's really easy! Just upgrade to BloggerPro! The upgrade is free, right now and it works great!
RSS is essentially an XML file that contains all of your latest updates. When you use a tool like FeedReader or RadioLand, people who subscribe to your RSS file, will be notified instantly when you change it. This is the reality of Publish and Subscribe that was touted so many years ago.
When you have an RSS feed being created, then put a link to it right on your main Blog page or in the template. For example, the RSS for my page is:
Ted Roche's is:
I know Ted uses RadioLand for pulling all the news from various sources - I use FeedReader ( - it works great and it's free!
Another great tip for using Blogger Pro : you can set it up so you can send emails to and it will automatically publish them. This way, you can be anywhere in the world and your blogs can be publicized from anywhere!


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