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Top Ten Fox News Highlights/Lolights of the 2003

December Letter from the Editor

User Interface!=Usable Interface

News: Users cling to old Microsoft operating systems

Sting at the Billboards!

Interviewing Steve Jobs (and the basics of freedom to steal)

Mapping Sites

FoxFinalVersion - Do you believe this?

Even in today's age, in times of sadness, Trekker info still rules

Where are the other MS Team Blogs?

Check out the UI on this -The Schmiddy Weblog

Microsoft Office Marketing Chief Resigns - Look who's moving in?

November Letter from Ken Levy

Mind Manager

InstallShield - Express: The Quickest and Easiest Path to Reliable Intallations. | tapestry - Get your comics fix here

Pop-up Blocker in IE?

Wallop Screen Shots Snoozer

Matrix has 'world record opening'

Microsoft Clarifies Its Virtual PC Positioning - Where does Linux fit in?

Google Deskbar Makes Searching Even Easier

Where are the MS Fox Blogs?

Electronic Messages Become a Beacon in the Darkness

SQL TOP N - Watch Out in VFP 8 and earlier

MS Researching Blogs

Gator Feature: Custom Newspages

Be careful of IE Security

Who Will Build Apps for LongHorn, XAML and XUL...

How Many MS Employees Does It Take to Change A Lightbulb?

DevCon Announced

Tom's corner - Lessons learned @ PDC 2003

Avalon and XAML Great for Developers, But maybe Fox should do it first

Longhorn - and the UI of the future will be

Incessant Ramblings: Everybody here works on Word

Wherever You Say, Yvonne, I Will Go

Incessant Ramblings: The anatomy of a bug

October Hentzenwerke news: FoxTales - Behind the Scenes at Fox Software released

The Scobleizer Versus Cerberus the Hound of Hades

Why the Yankees Can't Win

Solid features boost iTunes for PCs

RE: Thoughts Regarding OutSourcing

Framework Review: The Calm before the storm

NewsGator - Awesome NewsGroup Support

Great Lakes Closing Session: Where Whil's Heading

NewsGator Plug-ins

Great Lakes Last Day

Airports, Hotels & Wireless

Great Lakes Workshop

Announcing Visual FoxPro 8 Service Pack 1

MvpVfp2004 - Missing Names

Joel on Software - Bionic Office

EssentialFox Conference - Visual FoxPro Conference June 2004

Scoble: Make MS Dev More Transparent

MS Response to Why Not Promote VFP and Citrix

Font Hints: Do Not Use Arial

Comments on VFP Awareness Editorial

Help Design A New Version of Foxfire!

In case you missed Craig's post - Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19

FoxTeam Chat from 9/12

Couldn't resist this link....


Lamebrain things managers shouldn't say to employees

7 things to tell workers every day

Interesting Discussion on the use of Cancel in Dialog boxes

Kids Playing...

I Want An Interface That Works...

Wired 11.09: The New X-Men

WhilBlog - Hey Whil!

University of Michigan Hides Its Racist Policies

Splitting the Palm

And so email will eventually become unusable - and so we only subscribe to RSS...

WebMenu Genie: VFP Meets the Web

XML Editor in VS

Why I Missed My Blackberry until I start using MSN Mobile

New XML Editor in VS.Net

Old but Useful: Visual FoxPro and .NET Interoperability

Power Outage: Gotta get a generator

For Those Who Like To Hack VCX files: Figuring out OlePublic vs. Not

Now this is useful: XML Source Highlighting

Tip: Controls on Forms

More Bad News for RIM: RIM loses patent-infringement ruling - When good software goes bad

Bored? Create an Online RSS News Aggregator with ASP.NET

Notepad popups - no end to the misery

VFP 8 OLE DB Provider Available

Getting Respect: A Plea from ToG - Interface Guru

Boston User Group Gets Ken Levy

Using Windows APIs with VFP Desktop Apps

Using Blogger and want to do RSS?

More VFP Community Wikis: PortaFox Now Online!

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