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Ten ways to prevent/end the US government shutdown

I'm sure some of these have been spoken (or maybe just thought of) but as an outside observer, it seems fantastical that a country like the United States hasn't figured out how to deal with useless politicians (not that Canada is any better). So here goes -- a few fun ways (and a few slightly disturbing possibilities) to get congress to end the shutdown.

Don't pay them. Forget about stopping actual government services. Stop paying congress, the senate AND the white house until they can actually deliver a bill that they can all agree on. Until they can actually prove they are essential services, they shouldn't be able to shut down anything.
Stop travel allowances. Don’t pay for government-related travel, period. Olympics? Sorry, Mr. Pence, no can do. Maralago? Sorry, Mr. President. No White House travel. Need to see your family? Sorry everyone. no nothing. You keep core expenses, secret Service etc but no direct travel for any member of the legislative or executive branc…

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