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Iterations mean Shipping

Iteration cycles (sprints) are designed to produce working, shippable software

Agile is made up of a number of approaches for managing work. Some weren't as successful as others (story points for one) but the one that has really worked well are iterations.

An iteration is a set period of time during which work is planned, completed, tested and ready to deliver. Whether or not you actually ship during that period is immaterial - the point is that the software is ready to go.

This also works well with budget constraints. If the budget changes midway through an entire project, you can still deliver a working product. If you're a consulting company, this can go a long way for building confidence in the company as a whole. While you couldn't deliver the entire solution (for reasons that weren't your fault), you were able to deliver critical pieces of the solution.

Now the question is: what do you work on?

In a traditional waterfall or even MSF, the first period is always on…

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