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eero router - Nicknames and icons

If you've extended your wireless network using eero, then you have downloaded the app. I upgraded my network when I noticed a bunch of dead spots in what should have been a fairly reasonable coverage space (1700 sqft home). With two eero devices, our home is pretty well covered.

Click on Connected devices and every device connected to your network is displayed. The eero app identifies the manufacturer and, with some devices, even the name of a given device. The eero app may also show an icon that represents its use.

Some of the more obvious icons are those for phones, laptops and TVs. Unfortunately, the majority of devices get a fairly generic "wifi" icon.

But you can change this. Give devices a nickname using certain key words and the icon will change.
(Note: once you give a device a nickname, I haven't found a way of getting rid of it).

Unfortunately, the list is fairly limited. Other eero users want to know how to customize the icons or at least identify them bett…

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